Flooring Uplifters offer complete uplifting and disposal solutions for your existing floor coverings. We deal in the uplifting of all kinds of floor coverings ranging from thin line boards, wood, carpet, foam to underlay boards, tiles, mosaic tiles, surface glue, and slate. Disposal of all uplifted surfaces is done in an environmentally friendly way. We have a firm policy of recycling the uplifted flooring where ever possible and disposing of the remains responsibly. Our highly sophisticated set of machinery and techniques ensure that the removal of surface coatings, paint, and laitance from the concrete floor is swift and considerably dust free.

The team here at Flooring Uplifters is ready to tackle any floor removal project – whether residential, commercial, or industrial.  Whatever the type of floor covering, we can remove it for you along with any adhesive residue and also dispose of the mess!

Our team can quickly and efficiently remove your floor coverings with our professional-grade equipment, saving you many hours of back-breaking messy work. Whether it’s carpet, tiles, timber, vinyl, or any other flooring, we have the tools and the expertise to make short work of its removal.

We will remove your flooring, grind away any adhesives and/or underlay and then smooth the concrete surface as required to prepare your floor for new coverings.  A smooth level surface is crucial to ensure the new flooring bonds correctly and lasts for many years to come. If glue or uneven patches are left behind, then your flooring installer will have trouble getting your new flooring to set properly.  You don’t want that, so let us sort it out for you.  Do it once, and do it right with Flooring Uplifters.



    • We can drastically reduce the time required to both remove your floor coverings and carry out the required floor preparation to follow due to our specialised floor removal & preparation equipment.  We have the right tools for the job!
    • Floor Uplifters dispose of the old flooring for you and we do so in an environmentally friendly way including recycling as much as possible.
    • We will ensure you are left with the appropriate surface finish to allow your new flooring to be installed successfully and with a lasting bond between the surfaces.
    • Our team has many years of experience in this field so you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. We pride ourselves on achieving satisfaction for our clients on each and every project.


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