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    What Service Do You Provide?

    We remove tile, timber, carpet, or vinyl floor coverings and grind the concrete, timber, or particleboard beneath to prepare the flooring surface for the installation of new floor coverings or for concrete polishing.

    Who Are Flooring Uplifters?

    We are a small team who have been in the uplifting and grinding business for many years, covering the entire Auckland area.  We service both domestic/residential and commercial clients. Jun Dong has been managing this business for over three years now.

    When Would I Need Your Services?

    The ideal timing for us to tackle your project is after the old furniture and fixtures are gone (in case you want to salvage some value or change the floor plan where previously inaccessible) and before new furniture, painting or flooring have been installed. We are more than happy to coordinate with your tiler, timber floor or carpet layer for scheduling and any other concerns.

    What is the Finish Like for Preparation Before Carpet Laying?

    We generally make the carpet finish for the new flooring, as fine as 30 grit, ready for the new adhesive so the bond between the new flooring or waterproofing and concrete is perfect.

    What is the Process?

    Basically, we use a jackhammer to break up and remove the old flooring, then sand the surface with a grinder until the appropriate finish is achieved for the new flooring to be laid.

    Are there Any Issues to Consider?

    Dust Control – Dust is unavoidable in the uplifting process and controlled in the sanding/grinding process. It is important that we step in at the right stage, i.e. preferably furniture free and/or covered. We use tarpaulins to help reduce the dust.

    Edgework – We need the kitchen kickboard or toe kick removed before we start the job for the purpose of a better edge finish.  This allows our grinder blade to reach the desired space required by the floor installation people, and also eliminates potential scratches on the kickboard or toe kick.

    Particleboard – Some tiles are directly glued on particleboard without underlay. This may lead to parts being ripped off when lifting the tiles. This is usually fixed by applying a new underlay or replacing part of the floorboards..

    What Do You Charge?

    Our minimum charge is NZD $350-400 + GST, for a small bathroom or toilet. For a bigger project, please give us a ring on 021 366 217 or text us to discuss. You may find it faster to get a response via texting rather than emailing as Jun usually drives a lot and does not have always have good signal coverage.


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