Flooring Preparation

Floor preparation is a crucial and most important part of the flooring process in order to provide the most suitable prepared surface to the new flooring. The durability of a floor covering highly depends on the quality of the surface it is being applied upon. Faults such as cracks, holes and moisture in old floors can all be rectified. This requires a high level of detailing and expertise to prepare a floorwhich is best suited for the finished floor.

Flooring Uplifters offer a complete range of perfect floor preparation solutions. Starting with accessing the flooring requirements and advising on the most suitable type of floor preparation required to carrying out the floor preparation process in the most convenient and effective order so that the new flooring gets the best possible finish desired. Our services include painting, surface levelling, ramping, sloping falls, chase cutting depending on engineering of floor (cables, pipes etc.), wooden floor, restoration strengthening of floors, testing the level of moisture content and applying suitable barriers, such as damp proof membranes, to control the extra moister content. We use top quality compounds ranging from latex and self levelling compounds to highly durable surface compounds depending upon the individual floor requirement in order to produce the desired requirements on the surface. Indoor air quality can be enhanced considerably with adherance to the Green Building Council Green star specifications.

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